graphic for various website visitorsYour site is complete. It looks amazing, with that two color logo and the fancy new design you paid big money for. You’re standing there in the vast space called the Internet and waiting for someone to get dazzled by your magnificent website.

Checking your Google Analytics dashboard … Only ten visits… And they all came from your home computer.

Where are all the potential customers?

They aren’t there.

But why?

What’s the problem?

It’s clearly not your site or what you have to offer to the world. You got that covered, we believe you. You would be surprised how many businesses offering stand out services fail to generate traffic from their website.

According to the 2016 State of Inbound Report created by Hubspot, 65% of businesses perceive the process of traffic and lead generation as their biggest challenge. graph from state of inbound 2016 report created by hubspot

The biggest mistake these businesses make is believing how great looking websites will automatically increase their chances of getting high amounts of traffic. It’s time for you to hear the biggest truth in digital marketing.

Pretty websites don’t generate traffic

Don’t get us wrong, having a functional website is important for user experience and conversion rates, but it doesn’t always translate to direct increase in traffic. What you need is more than a gorgeous website, which is something majority of business owners tend to get all wrong.

Below, we have two identical products (iPods) with a different ad copy message. What do you think, which campaign will perform better on the market?

ipod copywriting example

Small things make all the difference in pull digital marketing

We’re absolutely sure you would like to have thousand songs in your pocket rather than 1GB of space, and this is a good example of the core idea we’re trying to promote here on Pull Digital Marketing.

Which is …

Smart marketing tactics generate traffic

There are literally millions of sources that can help you increase the amount traffic you get to your website. You can do some SEO on your site, build tons of links, rank on Google as a result, be active in online communities … You name it! The tricky part is that, this traffic needs to be:

  • Qualified
  • Buying orientated
  • Repeatable

Believe us … this isn’t easy, but …

Just look at the work we’ve done for this orthodontist office, targeting one of the largest cities in Canada.

Nothing happens over night, but after you find something that works you stick with it.

To achieve this you need to rely on solid marketing tactics that will not only get you the traffic, but at the same time make that audience:

  • Stay on your site
  • Perceive you as a problem solver
  • Start a conversation
  • Make a purchase
  • Become an advocate of your brand

We discovered and implemented dozens of ways of generating traffic and we’ve created bulletproof strategies around them, that worked for real life businesses. We’ve spend hundreds of hours working, so we can get to a point where we have a rinse and repeat method we can offer to our clients.

We Can Do The Same For You! Let’s Start With A:

See how you can improve your site and get MORE LEADS RIGHT NOW!

Just click on the button and you'll receive all the reasons why your site is underperforming online in your inbox. Here's what's included:

Speed Test
Why your site loads slowly and how this affects your rankings on Google, alongside with advices and actionable tactics you can use right away. You cover multiple regions? Not a problem, we’ll check all of them individually!
Code Analysis
Every page has issues with its source code. We’re here to help you point out these mistakes and give you an advice or whether you need to make any changes and how will this affect your website overall.
Conversion Optimization
You can have the best piece of content on your landing page, but if there are no clear Call To Action buttons and your copy is outdated without any value adding proposition you’ll be stuck.
Website Structure
Whether your URL structure is setup right and you’re all good with your Title Tags, Description Tags and some other little stuff that can make all the difference. One of the most important things we talk about here is your Schema Markup or the way Google reads your website and shows it on the SERPs.
Image Optimization
Your images need to have an Alt tags and be saved properly. Besides this we’ll analyze the size of the images you’re using as well as any keyword placement opportunities you haven’t employed.
Content Analysis
What’s the vocabulary of the content on your website and are there any keyword mentions. Most used words on the page and if any of them is wrapped in Header tags.
Copy Analysis
Will your copy convert? The big dilemma. We’ll analyze what elements you have in your content and whether the very structure is suitable for higher rankings.

The goal of offering you these services for free is to start a strong relationship with you and your business by showing you:

  • The exact reasons why your competition is doing better than you
  • Why you’re underachieving in your digital marketing efforts

After we’re done with this, we can start talking serious business and begin developing your executable digital marketing strategy.

If you’re still unsure how can we offer such a huge service for free, you can check the method behind the “madness” and learn more about our way of doing things by visiting our about section and going through the explanation of our pricing model or contact us directly at with any questions you may have.

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